Golf carts have become the norm for family vacations, gardening, hunting, and of course golfing.  With gas prices approaching $4 / gallon, they are just going to become more popular. With the growing popularity and demand for golf carts thefts are becoming more regular.
GolfCartLok Locked and Unlocked
The Golf Cart Lok prevents both driving and pushing. The design encompasses a stainless steel bar that rotates and locks into a position that keeps the parking brake down while preventing the gas pedal from being mashed. With the pedals locked, the golf cart can not be driven or pushed, even if the key is switched on. Golf Cart Lok also makes a great safety devise, preventing young children from operating the cart unattended.

Interviews with law enforcement officers have revealed that golf cart thefts are a big problem.  One officers stated that most of what they do from June to September is chase stolen golf carts.  Most of the thefts are NOT taken from sheds or driveways at night, but right under the victims nose.  In some cases, drive offs happen with the owner just a few feet away.  About half of the thefts are drive offs, while the others are pushed onto trailers and pulled away.  Golf Cart Lok prevents both drive offs and pushing onto trailers.

Possibly the best feature of Golf Cart Lok is it’s ease of use.  A security device can only be effective if it’s easy to use.  Devises that are difficult store, or hard to attach often go unused and therefore do not work.  The Golf Cart Lok pivots out of the way when not in use.  When you leave your golf cart, it only takes seconds to engage the lock and secure your investment.

US Patent no. 9475457

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